Thursday, December 8, 2011

SDA unveils projects to support government poverty and development initiatives

rancis Npong, Tamale
The North Ghana Mission of the seventh Day Adventist church (SDA) has unveiled two projects, to support the government’s poverty reduction and development initiatives to improve the livelihoods of the people in the region.
The projects which are parts of efforts to bridge the development gap between the north and south is aimed to consciously empower members and non-members alike economically and spiritually.
The projects which include block farm and shear nut processing and marketing is targeting particularly women and unemployed in northern region. Under the block farm efforts are being made to secure large tract of farmland, while plans are advanced to establish a shear nut processing factory.
The projects would be done in collaboration with the ministry of agriculture with funding support from Adventist Relief Agency (ADRA) and is aimed to reduce poverty, improve livelihoods and enhance spiritual growth of their members.
The New president of the Mission Pastor Fred Adjei-Baah who unveiled the projects at a joint church service said that the projects are parts of the mission’s market place evangelism aimed to uplift economic, social and spiritually well being of it members.
The shear-nut processing and marketing and block farm project is an initiative of the mission targeting poor women and unemployed not only in the church but those residing in the north. It is a new tactic aimed to win more souls to Christ and at the same time improve their economic and livelihoods. When taken off, the project intends to engage over thousands of poor and vulnerable women, unemployed youth as part of efforts to reduce youth idleness, minimize conflicts, and reduce drastically amount of money spent on peace keeping and maintaining security in northern region.
Pastor Adjei-Baah indicated that huge amount of money would be devoted to the projects to ensure its successful implementation to achieve the desire result. He stressed that there would not be favors’ on grounds of faith but the desire and ability to achieve result. “There will not be brother and sister in Christ in the implementation of the projects but those who will be willing to work and achieve the desire result”, he said.
Preaching under the topic “fresh people, and fresh oil” Pastor Adjei-Baah said however called on religious bodies to partner the government to bridge the development gap between the north and south, reduce poverty, and minimize hardship on the people up north.
He therefore urged Christians to eschew laziness. “A time has come for Christians to eschew laziness, hatred, and attitudes that repel success and work together as partners to change the economic situation of the country”, he said.
Pastor Adjei-Baah, who has been praised by some church members, is bent on restoring leadership difficulty that befell on the north mission sometimes ago.
He took over from Pastor Adu Sampa whose actions and inactions sparked members protest leading to his removal.
The New spiritual head of SDA according to members is known for his compassion, competency, diligence, good spiritual lifestyle and would help propel the growth of the church in the region.
They however, advised him to desist from acts that denigrate ethnic classes in the church to build a harmonized membership.
They promised to support him restore church and mend cracks that have been created by the previous leadership.

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